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Daifu supercharges any wallet with a whole set of new features. Enjoy a safer web3 experience with just a browser extension!

  • Time lock icon

    Time lock

    Daifu lets you create time-locked transactions

  • Wallet protection icon

    Wallet protection

    Daifu can generate a temporary wallet for each dApp you use

  • Session wallet icon

    Session wallet

    Daifu allows you to create sessions during which you will not need to sign transactions.

  • Recovery icon


    Daifu allows you to recover all your wallets even if you lost your private key

  • Phishing icon


    Daifu can detect malicious addresses & dApps before signing a transaction

  • Notifications icon


    Daifu brings you realtime notifications for all your wallets



Daifu extension is compatible with all wallets (more than 150 wallets) and it is as simple as a Chrome extension, protecting you from fishing, fraudulent dApps and hacks.


Use case


How does it translate to a real use case?

Daifu user I setup Daifu with a 24 hours delay for all transactions Daifu user I receive a notification of funds transfer Daifu user Thanks to the 24 hours delay, I can cancel the transaction Malicious user Malicious user gains access to my wallet Malicious user Transfer funds to his wallets Daifu user I transfer my funds to a different wallet and lock my wallet



More than 20 years of combined experience in web3 product development.

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10 years of experience in product delivery. Managed teams & products for 5 years in web3.

  • Open-minded

  • Patient

man icon

15 years of experience in software architecture. Defined architecture for DeFi platforms and NFT applications.

  • Dynamic

  • Organised

graph icon
Business Analyst & Project Manager

2014 crypto class degen. 6 years work experience in the crypto/web3 ecosystem.

  • Lean

  • Efficient

mouse icon
Product designer

10 years of experience crafting the UX/UI of many websites, apps and dApps. Created design systems and flows for banks and web3 apps.

  • Joyful

  • Flexible

code icon
Fullstack Blockchain Developer

From centralized apps to dApps, 6 years of experiencein the web3 ecosystem.

  • Pragmatic

  • Team player

code icon
Web3 Engineer

2017 web3 OG. 15 years of consulting on corporate IT integration projects as a tech lead.

  • Rigorous

  • Self-taught


Sep 2022 Launch of project Jan 2023 Communication Website Linkedin Twitter Mar 2023 Production phase May 2023 Interoperability Multichain Feb 2023 Phase Alpha Security features allet aggregation W Security Notification Apr 2023 Phase 3 Web3 connection NFT Defi Marketplace NFT dApps Compatibility Aug 2023 Phase 4 Community DAO Token ICO

Alpha version

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